Popularly know as P.C. Sorcar of Karnataka, S.P.Nagendra Prasad is a man with a mission. Incorporating social issues with the help of magic he tries to put across to the audience the message of a cleaner and greener Bangalore.

For S.P.Nagendra Prasad magic has always been in the blood. Being born to a family of renowned magicians he took interest in this art at a very early age. He toured India assisting his father Dr. S.C.Pandu Ranga Roa, former President of the Karnataka Branch of All India Magic Circle and it was only in the early 80's that he took it on as a career of his own. My break came in 1982 at the Jagan Mohan Palace at Mysore after which there was no looking back.

Nagendra Prasad is a magician with a difference. He can do anything from sending you on a visit to space and get a person to float in midair to producing elephants from thin air and converting horses to camels. But that is not all. While he has his share of shows on a regular basis, he makes it a point to put aside 10 percent of his income towards shows specially put together to spread social awareness. He has performed at self-funded shows on topics like how people can keep the city clean, to why people should stop smoking. He has also performed for citizens at old age homes, for cancer affected children and for prisoners at the central jail in addition to a whole lot of shows held at different slums in the city.

  "Magic is a very strong medium of communication. It manages to grab enough and more curiosity from its audience and also has the power to have a lasting impression on people's minds. Magic shows have the added advantage of being a visual medium to which people can relate to. Addressing social problems through this medium helps a person understand social implications and what they can do to put an end to it," says the popular magician. He is often on his rounds to various hospitals in order to perform for patient by their bedside. "I believe that, I can help reduce their pain to a certain extent by distracting them with my magic performance," he says.

   Prasad is currently working towards forming a trust comprising individuals from varies walks of life, who have one single goal, which is to help the poor in whatever way they can. He is also keen on performing free of cost for at least one mega show per month - the proceeds for which can go to the many financially backward people who are critically in need of medical aid." I have approached the government with many innovative ideas to improve the city and increase effective awareness. Lack of response from that side has forced me to take up the task on my own," says Prasad.

   Apart from his magician avataar, Prasad is involved in a lot more entertainment related activities,. He organizes parties, conducts a variety of games and is basically a one-stop-guy to be contacted for any kind of entertainment activity that you wish to enjoy or even host.

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